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Facial area-Making--Begetting small children--To confront it out; to persist in a falsity--No experience but his own: a saying of 1 who has no dollars in his pocket or no court playing cards in his hand.

To Nicely--To divide unfairly--To hide portion--A cant phrase utilized by intruders, in which among the celebration conceals several of the booty, in lieu of dividing it pretty amongst his confederates.

Content material--The cull's articles; The person is earlier complaining: a saying of an individual murdered for resisting the robbers--(Cant)

Cat Simply call--A style of whistle, mainly made use of at theatres, to interrupt the actors, and damn a fresh piece--It derives its identify from amongst its Seems, which drastically resembles the modulation of an intriguing boar cat.

Bug--A nick name provided with the Irish to Englishmen; bugs owning, as it is said, been released into Ireland because of the English.

Wood Horse--To fide the wooden horse was a armed forces punishment formerly in use--This horse consisted of two or more planks about eight feet lengthy, fixed together to be able to type a pointy ridge or angle, which answered to the human body of the horse--It had been supported by 4 posts, about six ft lengthy, for legs--A head, neck, and tail, rudely Slash in wood, have been included, which finished the appearance of a horse--On this sharp ridge delinquents were being mounted, with their hands tied powering them; also to constant them (as it had been said), and lest the horse should really kick them off, one or more firelocks were being tied to every leg--In this example they were from time to time condemned to take a seat an hour or two; but at length it obtaining been found to injure the soldiers materially, and at times to rupture them, it had been left off with regards to the time on the accession of King George I--A picket horse was standing during the Parade at Portsmouth as late as being the 12 months 1750.

Fiddlestick’s Stop--Almost nothing; the tip of The traditional fiddlesticks ending in a point; consequently metaphorically utilized to specific a matter terminating in practically nothing.

Belly Pleas--The plea of pregnancy, typically adduced by woman felons capitally convicted, which they just take treatment to supply for, prior for their trials; every gaol owning, since the Beggar's Opera informs us, a number of youngster getters, who qualify the females for that expedient to acquire a respite.

Chilly Pig--To offer chilly pig can be a punishment inflicted on sluggards who lie way too prolonged in mattress: it is made up in pulling off many of the bed garments from them, and throwing cold water upon them.

To Cog--To cheat with dice; also to coax or wheedle, To cog a die; to hide or protected a die--To cog a supper; to wheedle just one away from a meal.

Ann Summers is your desired destination for satisfaction. We begun a sexual intercourse toy revolution after we made resource the Rampant Rabbit, and now, with around forty yrs of working experience, we feel that we know precisely how you can strike the spot. With O-inducing, prostate satisfying toys, for everyone from newbies to aficionados, you're sure to be coming many times.

Black Eye--We gave the bottle a black eye, i.e--drank it Pretty much up--He are not able to say black will be the white of my eye; he are not able to point out a blot in my character.

Crocodiles’ Tears--The tears of the hypocrite--Crocodiles are fabulously reported to drop tears around their prey just before they devour it.

Cagg--To cagg; a army phrase employed by the non-public soldiers, signifying a solemn vow or resolution not to acquire drunk for a specific time; or, as the time period is, until their cagg is out: which vow is usually observed Using the strictest exactness--Ex--I have cagg'd myself for 6 months--Justification me this time, and I'll cagg myself for the calendar year--This term can be Employed in the identical feeling Amongst the common men and women of Scotland, where by it's carried out with divers ceremonies.

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